A Quiet and Magical Christmas Eve for Hubby and I

Our Christmas eve family photo. I was amazed at how the cross behind us shone. It is a reminder for us that it is God who holds this family together. 😀 Thank You, Lord. Happy Birthday, Jesus. 😀

The day before Christmas every year is usually very busy for us because we have to divide spending our time between two families–my in-laws and my parents. It is my father’s birthday on December 24 so there is no question that we have to go my parents’ place during the day. And since we don’t always go there, we make sure that we go there in the morning and stay there until early evening.

But at night, we have to go to my in-laws’ church and watch the Christmas presentation with them. It is like a Christmas tradition to spend Christmas even in church. Afterwards, we go home and Dindin gets to open her gift(s) from Papa and Mama.

Now that Shane is with us, we did the exact same thing. Picture here, picture there. And eating everywhere. We had a fun yet tiring day.

When the kids were already asleep, I snuggled up to hubby in the sofa bed that he shares with our eldest daughter.  It is time for our rest. We hugged tight and prayed. We stayed there cuddling for about 15 minutes until I drifted off to sleep. He had to wake me up so that I can go back to our main bed that I now share with Shane.

It was just a few minutes but for us, it was already a magical time. Everything was so peaceful and quiet as the kids lay asleep soundly beside us. We finally had some couple’s time with each other and with God. What a lovely, magical, and of course blessed moment to spend Christmas eve–with the ones you heart treasures. <3 <3 <3

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you all had a lovely and merry Christmas! 😀

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