Strengthen your marriage. Take a couple’s vacation.

romantic couple
~ Reminisce what made your first fall in love with your spouse during these romantic getaways. Photo by Jed Alcala of Jed Alcala Studios. ~

Marriage takes a lot of effort in order to make it work and keep it working happily. And since it requires work, it also requires some rest. We gotta rejuvenate our mind, body, hearts, and spirits.

But it does not mean that you take a leave of absence from your marriage. Rather, the opposite is true. Instead, the couple should seek to unwind from the daily things that preoccupy them, such as work, family, relatives, hobbies, or friends, and then just have their couple’s time.

Things to Consider For Your Couple’s Vacation

Now that you have decided to have some couple’s time, here are the things that you should ponder about.

You are a unique couple, so you don’t have to follow others.

1. Couple’s time doesn’t have the same for everybody. There are no strict rules about it. Just as we are all different from each other, we all have different likes and paces in our relationships. Your vacation can be an overnight stay at a local hotel, a two-night beach vacation, a quick sneak in a motel across town, or some sporting activity out of town. If you want to travel for exclusivity, you may want to charter a plane from Jettly. Whatever suits your fancy, as long as you both love doing it, that should be it.

Travel Within Your Budget

2. Couple’s time should be within your means as you set aside a budget for it. It would be totally unwise if you have to borrow money just to take this break and then you end up in debt because you splurged on it. This is especially true if you already have kids to feed and send to school and mortgages to pay. There is always something that can fit our budget. Otherwise, the overspending during your trip can trigger fights after the vacation that was supposed to bring you closer in the first place.

Take Away Distractions and Focus on Each Other

3. You may want to leave gadgets at home but if it’s not feasible, at least minimize the use at an appointed time. It’s fine to take photos but try to keep from posting them immediately online. It takes time away from your spouse who should be the center of your attention for this trip. Use this time to reconnect, to talk, to pray, and just unwind,

For those who cannot really get away even for just a night, you can have a fancy dinner, an early morning jog, a lazy afternoon stroll, or early happy hours with your other half while listening to a live band. As you retire for the night, pray aloud together. It is nice hearing your spouse pour out his or her to God. And oh, make sure that you prepare something nice for an intimate evening together. *wink*

Going on a couple’s vacation AT LEAST once a year will surely recharge your marriage.

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