An Electric Guitar as a Gift

My younger brother had always good playing with musical instruments, but perhaps his best one would be the guitar. He played both the electric and the acoustic one. He also handled the bass guitar pretty well. On the side, he can do the keyboard and the drums, but it was the guitar that he mastered.

Looking back, if I had extra money, I would never have had second thoughts of buying him an electric guitar like an epiphone es339 so that he can practice at home.

You see, he only learned how to play instruments in church. And he only practiced in the confines of the worship team rehearsals. Well, at least he learned pretty well. I just thought that he would have done more if he had his own guitar.

But right now, he is already working and I doubt it if he still plays. He no longer lives with us but is in another city where his work is. I just hope that he can find the time to play the guitar in his free time.

One thought on “An Electric Guitar as a Gift”

  1. at some point in my life that was before..
    I wanted to learn to play guitar..
    pero wala eh..poorness kami..
    tapos when i was in HS i tried nahihirapan ako kasi left handed ako..

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