Baby Shower from TCF Ladies

I was almost not able to go to church today because of lower abdominal pains. I was so weak this afternoon. My husband said that we leave early because he has to pass by the house of a friend on our way to church. I did not really question him, but the problem was, I was too weak.

Then just before 4pm, I felt stronger and got up, changed my clothes and went with my husband. I did not know that my husband knew about the baby shower that the ladies of our church, Trinity Christian Fellowship, have planned.

So anyway, since I was able to go, they decided to have it after the worship service in the home of a friend, Mimi. They took the effort to decorate the place and get stuff for the baby. I was so happy because it was really unexpected. Thankfully, they got the things that I don’t have yet, so I can say that baby and can go to the hospital tonight and our urgent needs are all covered. 🙂

Thank God for our fellowship and for the ladies who got together to give us this baby shower. Now, I am more than excited to see our little darling.

Hubby kissing my tummy….or rather kissing baby…whatever. 😀
The ladies’ gifts for baby…
Well, my husband thought I was worthy of a solo picture…
The ladies who organized and attended the baby shower.

6 thoughts on “Baby Shower from TCF Ladies

  1. wow..great baby shower.. over here in my place, we dont have such parties.. seeing u so happy, esp the pic where yr husband kissing yr tummy is so touching.. great.. wonderful.. God bless.

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