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Dennis, Dindin, and I enjoyed a 5-day family vacation in Manila because we attended a cousin’s wedding and stayed behind a bit to visit some places of interest.

We did not really plan for this trip but since there was a promo fare courtesy of Cebu Pacific, we decided to make a go for it. For Dennis, myself, and Dindin, the fare was only P1,000 two-way. So it was a great opportunity to travel and for Dindin to see the rest of the family.

Although I got sick the whole day last Monday, that did not stop us from having a good time the following day. Well, as if I have a choice, I just took the time to rest. It was just too bad though that Cebu Pacific moved our return flight earlier. Otherwise, we still would have gone around the Newport Mall at Resorts World. It was just across the airport but it seemed so far away.

Well, I guess there will be a next time. Gee, I so wish…Maybe next year? Hmmm…let us wait and see.

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