Becoming a Wonder Mom

Dindin and I during one of our strolls at Las Villas.

Perhaps every woman who becomes a Mom would like to be a Wonder Mom to her kids. And that is what I want to be. These are the traits that I would like to possess or already have, which I think that would make a good mother:

1. Patient and gentle
2. Kind
3. Loving and affectionate
4. Prayerful
5. Good provider
6. Good organizer
7. Industrious
8. A good cook
9. Clean and neat
10. Kikay
11. Healthy and strong
12. A BFF to her child
13. Understanding and encouraging
14. Passionate and supportive
15. A good role model
16. Teaches her child how to worship the Lord

I would love for Dindin and me not to just have a relationship but a loving relationship where mutual respect is in order. I would like her childhood to be fun and full of opportunities to learn and explore.

I know there must be more. But well, for now, these are some of qualities that I would like to have. Incidentally, I have my parenting blog. It is a chronicle of my journey with Dindin, our trials, daily activities, and many more. It is called Lovingly, Mama.

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