Building a Sandbox for Dindin

It is summer time so I am thinking of activities that can enhance the learning and the motor skills of my one-year-old daughter. We don’t have much space where we currently live because we are in the middle of the city, living on the third floor of a commercial building. We do have a garden, but the space is sooo limited.

So I thought of building a sandbox for her. After all, many people have given her sand toys and it will be a waste if we will not use them. We have already gathered some used slabs of plywood and lumber from the garage. Now it is up to my assistant to construct it. We also have the nails, paint, and saw blades ready. Hopefully, he can finish it before the week ends so that when we come back, my baby has something new to play with already.

I have read somewhere that the child is ready for a sandbox if he or she is no longer putting things in their mouth. Although my daughter puts things in her mouth from time to time, she can also be instructed not to. Somehow, she just has to taste things and if she already had, she would not do it anymore. I hope that in a week or two, she will be ready to play with the sandbox while it is still summer.

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