Building Friendships

As parents, we try to protect our kids physically. That is the foremost concern. But that is not the only thing. There is the emotional, psychological, spiritual, as well as social aspects to a child who will eventually become an adult.

I try to let Dindin mingle with as many kids as possible to develop her social skills. She is a very friendly, well balanced child and she wants to make friends with all kids that she meets. But that is not the same with other kids because no matter how friendly and gentle her smile is, she gets turned down or hit or kick or thrown at.

In such instances, we want our kids to build lasting friendships with kids of friends. We know the parents as well so at least we are confident what kind of people are rearing these kids.

And I learned that many couples want their kids to be friends with Dindin. So I guess it is not just me but every parents’ concern. We want our kids to be able to have childhood friends who they can grow up with and not be a bad influence to them. We want them to have friends that they can play with, attend birthday parties with and go to school with. And of course, we want to be friends with their parents so that we can feel secure that our kids are safe.

Parenting is such a complicated thing that my husband and I are continually learning. This is one thing that we learned, that childhood friendships should be fostered even at this early stage.

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  1. Our kids have developed friends since they were babies…children and adult alike…but all of them are from the same church we are in…No barkada in school…nor in the neighborhood. Acquaintances, yes. They’ve had their share of getting bullied but we always remind them not to strike back.

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