CENECO Union Turmoil: Dispute Over Strike Notice


Unilateral Decision Sparks Discord

Marbie Cabardo, the Vice President of CENECO Union of Rational Employees (CURE), denounces President Felix Gepilga Jr.’s decision to file a notice of strike unilaterally. Cabardo asserts that Gepilga’s actions lacked consultation with union officers, causing discord within the union.

Questioning Legitimacy

Cabardo criticizes Gepilga for prioritizing personal motives over collective decision-making. She highlights his failure to involve elected officers in the strike decision. This unilateral approach triggers concerns about the legitimacy of the strike notice filed with the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE).

Opposition and Concerns

Amidst Gepilga’s push for a strike, opposition surfaces among union members and officers. Their apprehensions revolve around potential negative repercussions on consumers. They are concerned about unclear issues and prefer resolving conflicts through alternative means rather than striking.

Importance of Collaboration

Cabardo emphasizes the importance of mutual respect and collaboration within the union’s decision-making processes. She stresses the necessity for effective communication and consultation to maintain transparency and uphold core principles of governance.

Reapplication Requirement for Former CENECO Employees

Requirement Overview

As part of the Joint Venture Agreement (JVA) with CENECO, former employees are required to reapply for positions in the transitioning company, Negros Power or NEPC. While some express disdain towards this requirement, the majority of former employees have complied, submitting their applications for reemployment.

Priority Consideration

Negros Power has always been accommodating and has expressed willingness to prioritize former CENECO staff for positions within its workforce. This aligns with the Joint Venture Agreement (JVA) between CENECO and Primelectric Holdings. The transition promises enhanced facilities and improved customer service under new management.

Senator Poe’s Stance on Employment Transition

Support for Reapplication

Senator Poe voices support for the reapplication process during the Senate Committee on Public Services hearing, last March 5, 2024. She advocates for a fair and merit-based hiring process, emphasizing competence as the primary criterion for employment rather than automatic absorption.

Community Empowerment

Poe underscores the importance of community involvement and empowerment, highlighting the role of employees in fostering local development through their dedication to service.


The dispute within CENECO’s union underscores the significance of collaborative decision-making and transparency. It highlights the importance of involving all stakeholders in decision-making processes. The reapplication requirement for former employees and Senator Poe’s endorsement of a merit-based hiring process emphasize the importance of fairness and competence in employment transitions.

The ongoing dialogue and actions surrounding these issues reflect a complex interplay of interests. They highlight the need for effective communication, respect for due process, and a commitment to the well-being of both employees and the community at large. It’s crucial to consider the diverse perspectives involved and work towards mutually beneficial solutions.

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