Charlie Sheen is Dead?

PhotobucketPhoto from EOnline

I was shocked to see the headlines but as it turned out, this news is not true because Mr. Sheen, star of Two and a Half Men, is still very much actively tweeting with his brand of wit. So I guess this is not true.

But what I am shocked to see is his recent photo. He looks so old, with some missing teeth, like a dirty old man. I have not really considered Charlie Sheen as a crush, but I did find him very handsome, much like Tom Cruise. But gee, unlike Tom Cruise who looks really well maintained, Charlie has obviously taken his health for granted and has abused on cigarettes, booze, and probably drugs. He was also reported to be keeping several women in his home at one time. I mean, it did not happen a single time, but at any given time, he has two or three sexy young ladies staying at his home. And what do they do? They party all day!

I guess that is what happens if you are not have a wife who takes care of you. You are free to gallivant to the point of abuse and well…just look at the life of Mr. Sheen.

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