Christmas Gift Suggestions for Men

Dindin started singing Christmas carols in July and started greeting everybody with a “Merry Christmas” when September 1 set in this year. We also watched a marathon of Christmas videos because it seems that suddenly, the Christmas spirit has touched her.

I have already collected a couple of cheap toys that I will wrap as Dindin’s presents from us. I just want her to be able to open lots of presents, even if they are not really expensive. It is the excitement that I want to maintain.

But now, I have realized that all I have been thinking of is my daughter and our family members. And I have not really given a thought to what I would give my husband. While he is not really demanding, preferring only that I cook his favorite dishes, but I just thought that it would be nice to give him something. Any christmas gift ideas from you, dear readers?

This is for a simple guy who likes a gadgets and a wife who cannot really afford to buy them. That is why I do not know how to strike a balance. hahaha

Maybe I should really pray for it and ask God about what my husband would really need. Now…this is aside from his birthday gift, of course…:D

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  1. I am also saving for my presents to give for my love ones this Christmas. Truly, gifts for men are a bit expensive, thus I need to double my effort in my online jobs in order to buy my husband a gift that he would really appreciate hehe

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