CityMall Premier Cinema Bacolod: My New Favorite Lair

CityMall Premier Cinema in Bacolod

How wonderful it is that in Bacolod, we now have CityMall Premier Cinema! With its state of the art sounds and reclining seats, we are surely in for a cinematic treat!

CityMall Premier Cinema Bacolod - CityMall Cinema Bacolod
The comfy, cozy CityMall Cinema Premier Bacolod in Mandalagan, Bacolod City.

Into the Bat Cave

A couple of years back I watched a video about Chris Weir, a Batman fan who built a real-life Batcave in his basement. I was blown away with his project. I am more of a Superman fan myself. But being a gadget and gizmos buff, I tend to sway to be a Batman fanatic as well.

CityMall Premier Cinema Bacolod - CityMall Cinema Bacolod
Superman goes to the movies — at CityMall Premier Cinema Bacolod.
My favorite part of the Cris’ Batcave is his own home cinema setup. It was more than amazing. So even if it is not a bat cave, I would love to have my own space with such equipment.

Then I started computing the cost.

Chris’ Batcave costs around $120-150K. That is about P7M. The home theater alone will probably be around P2 million. So uhm… That would be already be how many movies I can watch at the CityMall Premier Cinema? Run that by me again.

CityMall Premier Cinema

Then came Citymall Premier Cinema. This new movie place at CityMall Mandalagan is starting to change my mind. Why plan to build a home theater when I can go to one with the same specs I planned to build with? I would only have to shell out a couple of hundred bucks per movie and there won’t be maintenance costs.
CityMall Premier Cinema Bacolod - CityMall Cinema Bacolod
Here I am trying out their seat just outside the cinema.
Of course, it is not going to be a private home theater anymore. But i can’t complain when I cannot yet afford to build one at home. So for the meantime, I’d sit down with my lovely wife, enjoy the movie together, and pretend that we are alone. Besides, the other 38 people in the room can easily ignore us as well, since they would also probably be pretending that they are watching cozily in their home.

CityMall Premier Cinema Specs

Located on the second floor of the mall, the CityMall Premier Cinema is located behind the first CityMall Cinema Bacolod. It is called Cinema 2.
CityMall Premier Cinema Bacolod - CityMall Cinema Bacolod
Superman is waiting for the movie to start. We watched The Greatest Showman starring Hugh Jackman at CityMall Premier Cinema Bacolod.
There are only 40 seats at the CityMall Premier Cinema, all numbered and assigned. The chairs are mechanically-powered reclining seats, so you go up and down without sudden movements. And they are all so comfortable.
They have an all-in, all out system, so you have to be early to secure your seats.

CityMall Premier Cinema Price

You would be really happy to know that with this special treatment at CityMall Premier Cinema Bacolod, all you need to shell out is only P250 for a whole movie! Of course, it doesn’t come with perks like free snacks, but for a few extra bucks than regular cinemas, you get this!

Plus what I really like the most here is that each level is elevated enough and far away enough from the row in front of you, so much so that the head of the person in front you of you will not get in the way of your viewing pleasure. And even if they stand up, they still would not have to cover up so much space that you will really miss a scene.

CityMall Premier Cinema Bacolod - CityMall Cinema Bacolod
Our movie snacks — we had hotdog sandwich and popcorn at CityMall Premier Cinema Bacolod.

And oh, regarding snacks, don’t ya worry because you can buy your own snacks from outside (CityMall Cinema Snack Bar) and just bring them in. That is allowed. We had hotdog and popcorn when we went there.

CityMall Premier Cinema Schedule

CityMall Cinema Premier is very strict with schedules, because it’s a first-come, first-serve basis. And also, they will require people to go out for the next batch of audience.

Check the CityMall Premier Cinema Bacolod schedule here.

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Just a gentle reminder though, please do pack your garbage after. Although the staff cleans up the mess, it would be nice if your garbage was already packed before you left. The last time we went there, some of the people who watched the movie with us left a lot of garbage on the chairs and on the floor. That’s so sad. I know that we can all do better.

CityMall Premier Cinema Bacolod is located on the second floor, inside CityMall Mandalagan, Lacson Street, Mandalagan, Bacolod City.

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