Confused World View on Marriage

I am getting confused or am I too late?

In the past, like when I was in elementary to college, getting pregnant out of wedlock or being the other woman are things that people are ashamed of. When a woman is in that position, she angers the family to the point of disowning her. While I do not agree with the disowning part, my point is that, these predicaments were not achievements that one can be proud of. These were the things that you hide in the closet for fear of discovery either by family or the whole community. It is like flatulence that you don’t want to admit is yours, but which happens. But unlike flatulence that passes by the going of the wind, illegitimate pregnancies and being a common-law wife have more serious and lasting implications.

But nowadays, unmarried celebrities with kids parade like it’s the best thing that’s happened to them. Sometimes the relationship ends in marriage, sometimes they don’t. Then they go to the next man and have another baby. I have read of celebs who have kids with different partners. Also, there are those who are into extra marital relationships and who hold their partner’s arms like these were trophies. The “other” women are becoming braver.

Before you hit on me about being judgmental, let’s be clear on this–I am not judging anyone. It is not my position to judge. All I am writing here are my observations.

You see, if celebrities are doing it, even if these are not good things, they become right or beneficial in the eyes of their followers. It seems that because of their status, they can get away with anything. And the fans who follow them also think that they can get away with what they are doing because they can use their “idols” as excuses.

In order not to get confused with the rest of the world, let us still go back to the original design of marriage–God’s plan. That is our manual for having fulfilling and happy marriages that last for a lifetime.


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