Consecutive Typhoons

While the weather report may call them typhoons or monsoon rains, the fact of the matter is, it has been raining pretty strongly with winds blowing hard. Classes are suspended and the streets are flooded. A lot of property is destroyed.

We live on the third floor so flooding is not much of a problem–except that rainwater goes through cracks in the wall, the doors, and windows.

I just wonder though, it would be good to live in all steel buildings because they are sturdier. I believe they are stronger and more resistant to stresses and strains.

Oh well…for now, Dindin and I are enjoying the rain. We bought rain gear so that she can just enjoy playing outside. She doesn’t want to take a bath, so she wears a raincoat and gum boots. LOL She also has a small colorful umbrella that is really more for play than for protection from the rain. Now we are asking for the sky to pour down some rain so that we can play! hahaha

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