Couple’s Cell Group Revived

For a long time in our church, we have not had our couple’s cell group anymore because of the revamp. We are now following the G12 Network format in TCF and a lot of things have changed, including the changing of the cell group set up.

But our friends Mimi and King wanted to start a couple’s cell group anew. It is going to be like an open cell where new couples can meet and discuss the word of God as well as relationship issues. It is more of like a discussion sort of fellowship. The cell group is supposed to meet every Wednesday, 6pm, at the CORE Ministries.

Sadly, on the first day of the couple’s cell group, Dennis is sick (up until now) and I had a lot of things to do. I was not able to finish my tasks so I had to work doubly hard. It is just too bad. And honestly, I could not bring Dindin because she always runs a cough after staying some time at the CORE. I dunno, the place must be dusty or something and she is allergic to dust.

But hopefully, we can already attend the cell group next week and we can arrange for Dindin’s care.

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