Custom-Made Wedding Rings

When we get married, one of the things that we really scout for is the wedding ring. As a couple, we have our own preference for our wedding rings. Then, of course, there is the consideration for the budget.

You can opt to just buy ready-made wedding rings from jewelry shops because there are a lot of them on display. But you could also have your own design and have the rings custom-made. This would be especially good if your fingers do not fit in standard sizes that are readily sold in the store.

Another advantage of having custom-made rings is that if you have some scrap gold and maybe some diamonds, you can have these used and then save up on the cost of the materials.

When Dennis and I got married, we decided to have our wedding rings custom-made. We were not really fussy with the design, but we are aware that having them made would cost us less money than buying ready-made rings.

So we went to a local jewelry maker. We brought some scrap gold but since we did not have diamonds, we just got from him. Our wedding rings were made of 14-carat yellow gold and each one has three small diamonds that were placed some space apart from each other. The surface is curved and has grooves on either side. It is a common design but that is fine with us.

If you look at the rings closely, the workmanship is not as fine as those that were machine-made. But that is fine with us. All in all, we paid only P12,000 for our rings. So we’re happy with that.

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