Cute Bed Covers for Couples

His and her bed covers available in Singapore. Photo by Syvil Garay.

Last night, a friend of mine posted a photo (above) of a cute bed cover for couples from a store in Singapore. I love it! It is not your usual design of florals, prints, or geometric patterns and actually depicts the couple. Weeee I covet! LOL

But if ever we are going to use this one, we will have to turn it around because I occupy the other side of the bed. haha

Tomorrow, there is a SMAC Sale at the SM Department Store and I got word that there are many pillow and cushion deals with the sale, however, I am not sure that we have such designs available here in our city as the ones pictured above–or at least anything similar to it. And well, I still could not go out, so no shopping for me (which is actually well because then I would not have to spend LOL).

There are still so many things that I want to do in our bedroom. I would like it repainted and I would like to buy new linens because it is also nice and refreshing to come home to fresh, clean, and matching linens, right? I wonder when I can do this or when I will have ample budget for it, but it is definitely something in my mind that I want to do. hehe

9 thoughts on “Cute Bed Covers for Couples

  1. i would definitely want to have those couple bedlinens…soooo cute!..SALE sa sm? wohooooo..tomorow rain or shine…SHOPPING! hahhahah

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