Entertaining Corporate Clients with Athletic Fun

Engaging your clients goes beyond speaking with them in the boardroom and presenting them with slideshows, graphs, and presentations about your company. When you want to make a lasting impression and also show them the fun, human side of your company, you may be able to accomplish this by inviting to a friendly sporting competition. Rather than engage them in a fast-paced, hectic game of basketball or participate in something dangerous like handball or tennis, you can spend time with them while enjoying the outdoors when you opt for athletic fun like golf outings in Chicago and elsewhere. You and your clients can play a friendly game of golf at your own pace and spend time talking business or pleasure in between holes.

When you invite your clients out onto the green, it is important that everything goes well and that you all have fun. Your fun can depend significantly on having the right equipment on hand to play. Whether you are a proficient golfer or not, you may find it better to allow professional country club staffers help you organize the game by ensuring that you and your clients have a full set of putters and clubs available. The staff can also make sure that you have a full bucket of golf balls, as well as golf carts and caddies at your disposal.

If your meeting with the clients is something of a historic event for your company, you may want to remember the moment by having it photographed. Rather than taking pictures in between shots, you can enlist the help of the club’s staff to take the pictures for you. Professional photography services can be made available to you so that every interaction between the clients and you is captured with integrity. You can have this service included with the price of your outing.

If you want to know more about the pricing and amenities for such an outing, you can use the online form to request information. The event can be tailored to the size of your group. The club specializes in serving large groups of more than 100 players or smaller groups of just a few dozen golfers. Engaging your client in a friendly, outdoor setting can help you and your company make a good impression. Professional staff from the club can help you ensure that the meeting goes well.

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