Excited to Take Up Belly Dancing Lessons

A friend of mine, Raygee, has already started on belly dancing lessons. Now I am excited to join her. Next week, another friend Millie and I will be joining her. The sessions will be three times a week, one hour per session.

I am excited because it is dancing. I love to dance. While you may not think that of me, I love to dance. But no, I don’t go to discos and such. I just love to move my body to rhythm of music. I have been wanting to take up ballroom dancing lessons but Dennis is not into it and I don’t really want to go there with another partner.

Secondly, I think that I really need a life besides Dindin and facing my computer. I need something that will pump my heart rate and give me social interaction. I think this is the perfect opportunity. Hmmmm….I would like to invite others to this as well. haha

So with belly dancing, I am excited. I looked up the internet for the benefits of belly dancing and here they are.

Benefits of Belly Dancing

1. Improves Fitness, Builds and Tones Muscle. Belly dancing may look easy but is actually a vigorous exercise that will make you perspire–a lot.

2. Pumps up the Heart Rate — Belly dancing requires fast movements of the hips and shoulders, which is why it is a great cardiovascular exercise like aerobics.

3. Strengthens the major muscles of your body.

4. Reduces stress. The rhythmic movements of belly dancing helps relax the mind and body.

5. Helps in Weight Control

6. Improves posture and grace. Body language becomes more fluid.

7. Helps improve the health of internal organs because it is actually an internal massage.

Now I am really excited to start belly dancing!

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