Our First Wedding Anniversary

Okay…I am back.

To tell you the truth, my husband and I forgot our first wedding anniversary. We got so caught up with the camp preparations that when we woke up early last Tuesday, we forgot to greet each other. While we were having breakfast, the maid greeted us. Then we were like looking at each other…we couldn’t even smile because we were already frantic.

Anyway, before we left for church, we hugged each other.

Then off we went. The day was a whirlwind. We fell off the road. Although it was pretty deep, it was not on the steep side (you know, of the cliff), etc. etc.

After midnight, when everybody was asleep, my husband and I said our prayers. It was already the following day, but our day had not yet ended.

We thanked God for His grace. Although we were not able to go on a date nor were we able to buy gifts for each other, still we had our love to be thankful for…and most especially, we were together. That is what matters.

God taught us a very important thing that day. Although the goodies were not present, we were still able to celebrate our love and God’s presence in our marriage. He also taught me to support my husband in his endeavors (a.k.a. his ministry) and my husband is ever grateful.

Although we didn’t have the energy (nor the resources to go on a date), we would not exchange it for the joy of seeing young people come to Christ. Praise be to our God!

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  1. oh,I love this post so much.I agreed with you..Although the goodies were not present…we should be grateful to see each other everyday.

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