Giving Out Bridesmaids Gifts

Weddings are wonderful moments to be cherished. I am writing this because we are still in the time of reminiscing our very own wedding four years ago.

While weddings are lovely moments, they entail a lot of hard work for the preparation. Though it does not even last one whole day, the planning and preparation that one puts into it ranges from six months to one year. Ours took a little more than four months and that was tough work, especially that Dennis and I did most of the preparations, including the making of our invitations, giveaways, and even the bead work on my gown! Imagine that! haha And to top it all off, we are also working!

But well that was the past and we are thankful that there are also some people who helped us in doing some errands. In most cases, brides would give gifts to their entourage and they would carefully choose their maid of honor gift, the bridesmaid gifts, the gifts for the best men, and then the children. In our case, the entourage was given cash gifts, as is the usual Chinese custom. I dunno what this was for, but every one who took part in the entourage gets a cash token. It is not big, it is just a token of goodwill I guess. I never did really ask what they were for. LOL

So far, I have seen brides give away wines, colognes, scented soaps, chocolates, candles, and even linen. I guess, it is up to bride what she wants to give away…and whatever she can afford, too. 😀

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