Globe is proud to introduce their new information campaign to guide their customers, partners, ambassadors, and shareholders to solve their basic Globe concerns, and how to maximize Globe products and services, in the easiest, fastest and simplest way — by doing it yourself.

How to Globe
Globe Telecom launches How to Globe–an information campaign to deliver basic know-how and tips.

Globe Telecom, launches How to Globe, a guide for customers on how to maximize their use of Globe products and services, as well as basic service know-how. This new development will enhance overall user experience because now, they have so much power in their hands.

Here’s #HowToGlobe

“With our vast selection of products and services, it will be a challenge for our customers to keep track of the basic ‘how-tos’ about our services. How to Globe aims to change and improve user experience by providing quick, simple, and easy to follow steps about our products and services across our entire spectrum of brands” says Chief Commercial Officer Albert de Larrazabal.

With How to Globe, everything will become so easy. Customers, employees, partners, and other stakeholders can expect a regular feed of basic know-how and tips covering topics such as how to maximize data, the best promos to subscribe to, or how to self-activate certain services. It may be quite a lot to take in at first, but eventually, as users get accustomed to the system, they will be able to appreciate it more because they can already do a lot by themselves.

“As a customer, we want the information we need quick and easy to understand, and How to Globe puts that information right at the customers’ fingertips” adds de Larrazabal.

To receive the latest #HowtoGlobe tips, customers simply need to follow @talk2Globe on Twitter or visit What are you waiting for? Check out the Globe website now.

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