Hot Days, Cool Nights

Because of climactic changes, the weather is really getting crazier and crazier as each month passes.

With the entrance of the second week of March, we suddenly experienced the piercing heat of the sun during the day. It is like you will get burned just by exposing yourself even to the 10am sun for 10 minutes without a good SPF sunscreen. Seriously.

It has been really hot during the day, sweltering to say the least, that everyone is telling on their Facebook page that the summer months are here. But at night, the wind gives a nice cool breeze. And it is not the breeze of summer. The air is nippy.

And last night, we went to the capitol lagoon. It is my daughter’s birthday but since we celebrated it with a party the other day, we really did not have much to do. We also did not want her to sleep really early because she might wake up again and her sleeping time would become bonkers. So we walked and played there for like 20 minutes, as we enjoyed the cool breeze, but then it started to drizzle. We hurriedly went home, gave her a bath, then her bottle, and she was off to sleep.

Now, it is raining. I really hope it doesn’t rain tomorrow because we will be attending another birthday party at Palmas del Mar and there will be free swimming! I hope we would not miss it!

In order to prepare for the summer months, we really need some roller blinds in our bedroom. While others can stand it because after all, they are out of the house most of the day for work, my daughter and I on the other hand, stay inside our room all day. And she keeps on complaining that it is hot. hehe Well, I guess we need to check Ace Hardward or or Handyman for that.

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