How a Short Drive Gave Us the Space We Needed

Driving together meant a great deal for me.

Yesterday, hubby and I went to my parents’ house in order to give them something. An unfortunate incident happened to them last weekend, so hubby and I went to the store and brought the stuff to them.

Instead of bringing the kids, I thought of leaving them with the helper because we were in a hurry. We just needed to do this before hubby and Dindin will go to their musical practice. After all, it was just an errand.

We left shortly after lunch, went to two stores, before finally taking the 20-minute drive to my parents’ house. The traffic was loose so we were able to drive home smoothly that it felt like a drive to the countryside.

During the drive, there wasn’t a quiet moment. We shared ideas, told stories, laughed, giggled, and tickled each other (or at least, I tickled him) LOL. There was no dull moment. We stayed at my parents for a little more than an hour and then we were on our way again. The same routine happened. We shared ideas, told stories, laughed, giggled, and tickled.

When we got home, we hurriedly prepared so that hubby and Dindin could go. Then I went to breastfeed Shane. When I got settled and relaxed on the bed with the little one snuggled beside me nursing, I got to thinking that I actually felt good, sort of elated, in fact. It wasn’t something physical, but rather something happening in my heart and spirit. And then I remembered our short drive and how even that rare moment allowed the two of us to get connected.

There was nothing serious in our discussions. We did not really resolve any problems. But the fact that we spent such time together lighted something up.

I am saying this is a rare moment because we are always together with the kids, having no permanent babysitter. Shane is still co-sleeping with us. While we enjoy having the kids around, it was such a respite to be able to just talk without somebody shouting from the back seat or another one squirming away from my grasp. No food packages to open or pit stops to drink water. For some time, it was just the two of us. And that made my heart glad.

Because of that, I sent him a text message while he was at church:

“Babe, I loved our drive this afternoon. I loved how we giggled over private moments, how we cracked up over our silliness, how we thought alike about silly moments. I just want to thank you for the good time. Love you! :)”

With our current setup, I don’t know when we can do this again. But I surely look forward to the next bonding moment with my hubby.

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