How to Keep Razor Blades Sharp

G.P. – There are many habits that men pick up in their day to day lives, but none are as important as shaving. And to get a proper shave, a man needs a good razor. While the type of razor a man may choose is largely dependent on personal style — straight edge, safety razor, cheap disposables from the quickie store — there is one universal element across them all: good, reliable razor blades. Here’s how to make sure yours are top of the line.

Replace them often.
If you use a disposable razor with blades that can be traded out, make sure to replace them often — at least once per week. Any less than that and you run the risk of cutting yourself due to a dull blade. Blades that aren’t sharp perform poorly, and besides, who wants a nasty, old blade sliding across their face?

Sharpen it.
If you use a straight edge razor, make sure to buy a proper sharpening kit. Keep your blade clean after each use, taking the necessary time to sharpen it up and keep the blade in top condition. When not in use, make sure to store it somewhere safe.

Extend the life of your blades.
Disposable blades tend to cost quite a bit of money. Rather than drop $30 each time you need new ones, extend the life of the ones you already use. Take a pair of old jeans and run the blade along it, almost like you’re shaving the jeans — except you shouldn’t try to cut the jeans. The denim works almost like a sharpening tool, straightening out any dents and bends in the blade and removing debris that may be caught within them. Doing this on a regular basis can make even disposable cartridges last for several weeks longer.

Of course, even with the best care, nothing beats a new blade. Make sure to replace your blades on a regular basis to ensure you continue to get the best shave possible. Nothing looks better than a well-groomed man, and if you take care of your tools and equipment, people will begin to notice the difference in your appearance. A great razor blade means no more razor burn or irritation.

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