Hubby and His Birthday Celebrations Part 2

This is a sequel to the three-part celebration of my hubby’s birthday.

After breakfast I went to Robinsons Supermarket that is just a block away from our house to buy fresh herbs. Actually, all I got there was a bunch of basil leaves because there was nothing else. I thought that I will just have the cook go to the nearby wet market to buy the rest of the ingredients I need.

When I went to the meat section, they had some pork rib shoulder slices available so I bought almost a kilo of it so that I can make barbecued baby back ribs for lunch. I also got a couple of slices of T-bone steak that I will cook for him some other time.

When I got home, hubby was of course ecstatic over the baby back ribs that we were having for lunch as well as the thought of having steak next time.

He is just like a kid. But have you noticed that up to this time all the surprises are about food? Teehee Because that is what makes him happy.


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