Hubby Planning for Our Valentine’s Date 2012

My husband said that due to the many activities that we are going to have next week, we might as well have a belated Valentines date.

I asked him if he could surprise me, like if he could just plan the whole thing and he said yes, saying that I should reserve February 18. Now I am all excited because at least, he will be the one who will plan the gig and I will just have to prepare myself be pretty and enjoy the evening. It is usually me who makes decisions because he will just say that whatever I want goes. But it is different when your hubby surprises you, right? I hope I can find somebody to take care of Dindin while Dennis and I enjoy a restful dinner.

We do not do this often. Sometimes, it takes months before we have some time to ourselves. That is why I really treasure this moment. Okay, it is going to be a post-Valentine thing, but that is okay, as long as we can be together.

I am super excited!

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