Just An Excited Mom Here

It will be around three months to my daughter’s 2nd birthday from today. At this point, we already know the venue, after all, thank God that He allowed us to win in a raffle so we got a birthday party package from Jollibee.

So Jollibee it is.

But a couple of months ago already, we have started buying giveaways and party favors. Do you say it is much too early? No, we don’t think so. It is because we cannot really afford to have a theme party for our daughter in a single setting. We have to save up for it. So little by time, we bought stuff because we love themed parties and we would like our daughter to have one.

Our theme for her second birthday is “Butterfly Princess.” I have already prepared the invitations but they are not printed yet. All I need to do now is to make the boxes for the giveaways. I am soooo excited already. hehe I guess it is the parents who are always excited for their children’s party.

We have attended quite a number of themed parties already and these were really grand. Ours will just be simple and within our budget but we just want to make it special for our daughter. That is why we are preparing ahead. Next month, I intend to buy boxboard and start making the boxes for her giveaways!

We are just thankful that we can hold it a Jollibee. I would not have to hold it at home because after the party will always be an untidy mess that I do not want to contend with! hehe

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