Living Like the Flintstones in a Modern Cave House

The living room of a modern cave house. Photo from Bisbee Realty.

Whenever I watched the cartoon show, The Flintstones, when I was a kid, I also used to imagine living in a cave. You see, I am not a very cosmopolitan person. I like suburban life–but with modern amenities (like having air-conditioning, a decent toilet and bath, as well as internet connection). Actually, I once told my husband that if ever, I would like to live in a native house (nipa hut) but with the things listed above. And a decent kitchen would be nice to have, too.

And naturally, I was just so amazed at this cave house that I have read from Yahoo with photos taken from Bisbee Realty. It is actually up for sale at $1.5 million. The cave house was made by mining granite boulders and excavating blasted rocks using the Swedish straight wall mining technique. The ceilings were injected with roof bolts and excavated blasted rock using ammonium nitrate.

These pools around the cavehouse are filled with water from a creek. Wouldn’t it be nice to have this in your backyard and have the kids play in them whenever the weather is nice? Photo from Bisbee Realty.

Anyway, here is an excerpt of the article in Yahoo Real Estate written by By Morgan Brennan,

Locals refer to it as the Cave House and the nickname is apt. Sitting on 37 acres just outside of Bisbee, AZ, a mining town-turned-Baby Boomer retirement haven about 80 miles from Tucson, the Chulo Canyon Cave House is carved into an outcropping of granite boulder, extending more than 2,000-square feet into a desert grotto.

The strange and unusual dwelling is up for grabs and could be yours for $1.5 million. It occupies 2,890-square feet of living space and comes with a 890-square foot guest house, a subterranean game room underneath the guest house, a library building, a stand-alone workshop space, a separate home office, and a carport. The main house features rough petrous walls, rock and cement ceilings, and potable wall water seep that is collected from a natural spring. There’s a glass-walled sunroom, a commercial-grade kitchen with stained glass cabinets and mosaic tiling, an-eight person dining room, a sunken living room, two full bathrooms, a sleep loft with walk-in closet tucked below underneath the loft stairs, and a back room that is currently used as an exercise and yoga room.

The entrance to the $1.5 million cave house. Photo from Bisbee Realty.

I just love it! And living in Arizona? Well, it may be really hot there but with air-conditioning, well I guess I will survive. But now, I am thinking about earthquakes! LOL

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