Making Decisions for Me

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Most of the time, hubby allows me to make decisions–like where to go, what to do, how much to spend, what to eat, and if ever we are going to do all of the above or not. LOL Yeah, he can sometimes be indecisive and he just allows me to decide for us–for the family.

But last week, I was so darn tired already and I had a terrible headache. I wanted to get a body massage from Spa Natura but I couldn’t decide because we have been rather short on our budget and it is not yet payday. And I am not expecting a lot of pay this coming payday either.

Hubby knew that I needed it so he made a cash advance at the store, gave me money, and sort of ordered me to go to the spa. I told him I could not decide and he said, “Go now, I have decided for you.” He then dressed down so that he could take over the care of our baby so that I could get my break. It is this brand of love that I can get used to. teehee

So I am glad that hubby made that decision for me. I felt really good afterwards. I slept better and although it has been several days ago already, the headaches had not recurred. Thank God! And thank you, Babe! 😀 Thank you for knowing my needs and acting on them. Love you much! <3

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  1. Awww.. He’s such a sweet guy 🙂 He knows you very well, he knows what you need 🙂
    Your so lucky to have each other.. God bless you and your family..

  2. Awww! So supportive and thoughtful husband of yours. My live in partner is also like him, he is not kuripot to me even if he is only the one working for us.

  3. yeah!! so sweet of him, happy for you that he still loved you dearly. Its always part of our itinerary (my hubby and I) to go to massage spa every month to regain our inner balance and ease out our stresses within the month. And its our date that we really enjoyed and looked forward to every month (aside from eating our favorite food after the spa hahahaha) 🙂

  4. Awwww! Youre sooooooooo lucky to have a hubby like that. Who understands your needs and wants without saying anything.

  5. Husbands like yours is hard to find nowadays. Most men doesn’t allow their girlfriends or wives to take charge. Lucky you (and me, too!) for having a husband that knows her wife’s needs…..and wants. LOL! 😀 Keep the fire burning! <3

  6. haha your hubby is so so loving… I didnt experience that my hubby said that… i am always deciding if i go to salon or wherever…. Sana ma experience ko rin na sabihin ni hubby “Punta ka sa salon or mall heres amount of budget,go take a rest” hay…

  7. wow so supportive and knows how to treat a wife hehe. My husband is also the same he would encourage me from time to time to atleast relax and enjoy and ofcourse to SHOP!!! hahaha Husbands should treat their wives like a queen and spoil them to the max!!! :oP

  8. Aww ang sweet naman ng hubby mo sis! Dahil short sa budget, si hubby na lang nag-mamassage saken hehehe… kaya lang d effective haha joking.

  9. nakakaingit kapag ganyan ang husband very sensitive sa need mo,he know that you need a time to relax

  10. so sweet your lucky to have him. my hubby also is not kuripot I’m the one who is kuripot pero nagkakasundo naman kami lol.. sana makaexperience din ng massage stress na din ako…

  11. just the sweetest! ^^, kudos to your one in a millioin sweety hubby!
    i just realize that i should thank my dear husband for telling me to go rebond my hair every once in a while… i too always prefer to spend the family budget on more important things so even if he tells me to buy this and do that, i usually just say, “no, its okay, im okay”
    you must also be a good and prudent wife to deserve that kind of husband!
    PRAISE GOD for happy marriages like ours!

  12. That’s the best key for a long and better relationship! Both have the rights to decide.. Di pwede na lagi nalang iaasa sa isa yung decision making kahit simple lang yung bagay! On that simple decision your husband really showed how he care and love for you!! Cheers!

  13. My hubby is also like that, he always ask me what my opinions are before finalizing something. So when we feel bored, he is like, “Manlakaw ta? Asa ta?”

  14. Ang sweet naman po talaga ng hubby niyo po. Sana naman iyong live in partner ko maging real hubby ko na rin, hahay, kailan pa kaya mangyayari iyon? Hmm..

  15. i wish to have a husband as sweet as your husband is..konti na lang mga ganyang lalaki s earth ehh..endangered na sila..haha.. ^_^

  16. so sweet naman ni hubby mo sis nakakatuwa…mas maganda sana kung sya nalang ang nag massage sayo para mas sweet at romantic..joke lang..

  17. Me? I can decide for my partner and for my baby but I can’t decide for myself. It’s like my wants or needs are not that important than our baby’s needs. I never pamper myself eversince. :'(

  18. You have a good partner. Letting you to decide sometimes and he’s is not a kill joy type of husband. Most of guy wont do that. They decides anything just like a boss. You’re lucky enough to have him. 🙂

  19. your hubby is so sweet! it feels really good when our husbands just do that thing. rewarding us moms for working so hard at home, doing household chores, taking care of the kids, etc. at least we feel like a queen for a day. nice! 🙂

  20. Pagdating sa decision making, pinapaubaya ko kay hubby lalo family matters pero minsan ako ang nagdedecide pero ok lang sa knya..

  21. ang sarap sa pakiramdam kapag ang husband eh tipong supportive sa needs natin mga asawang babae tulad ng pag papamper natin sa sarili natin paminsan minsan kahit na tipong medyo kapos sa budget or tipong exact lang talaga ang budget ng family still ang hubby hindi tinitignan yung bagay nayun kung ikaliligaya at ikagiginhawa ng partner nila ang pagdedecide nila para sa atin mga hubby is like that also he always say ok go, sige ako na bahala…

  22. hahaha..ang saya kapag nagte-take charge ang guy sa pagdedesisyon..most of the time kasi passive lang cla at hinahayaan tayong mga girls na magdecide sa lahat ng mga bagay.. ^_^

  23. sometimes,mas mainam pa na ang hubby natin ang nag dedecide kahit na hindi likas at hindi madali para sa mga guys ang mag decide..

  24. I have nothing more to say since I commented everyday here, huhu

  25. i’m so lucky that my hubby is sweet too. surprises like that makes us moms feel really important and loved. 🙂

  26. minsan si hubby pa ngdedecide na magpapedicure at manicure ako kc alam na yon lang kaligayahan ko, minsan kc nanghihinayang ako hehe…

  27. Such a sweet gesture. Sometimes we need that, sometimes we just need someone to cling on, someone that would decide for us, would comfort us, wala lang minsan gusto mo i-unleash ang problema, ayaw mong mag-isip gusto mong mag-relax. I sometimes do that pero ang akin naman I watch a movie alone or shopping to the max alone. hehehe 🙂

  28. I am happy for you sis. May your relationship with your husband and children of yours be stronger and bond together more. <3

  29. I know how hard and tiring it is to take care a baby and we, Moms, should also take time to have a break and relax! It’s such a wonderful feeling to have someone you can turn on when we feel so exhausted…at least you already had a refreshing moment after you had your off from your mommy work as given to you by your hubby. 🙂

  30. I feel the same way too, minsan pag may suggestion ako kay hubby always “Kaw ang bahala” ang sagot. I feel so irritated! But on the other hand some Woman wishing that they are the “BOSS”, kasi d naman nila nafefeel ang freedom of rights to decide, kasi laging si husband naman ang nagdedecide! So we better to be thankful in our partner Mommy!! 🙂

  31. hmmm..minsan kpg BF ko ang nagdedecide for me..i feel special and important..alam ko naman kasi na wala siyang magiging desisyon na makakasama o makakasakit sakin ehh..^_^

  32. Even buying my clothes isip isip muna, unahin ko pa bilhan mga bata. kaming 2 ni hubby nagdedecide lalo pag kapos sa budget…

  33. Pag mommy talaga hirap magdecide para sa sarili, dame kelangan i-consider pero once in a while it’s ok naman to pamper yourself we deserve it, motherhood is not an easy job.

  34. Hindi ko pa po na.try ang magpa.massage. Maganda po ba? Hmm.. Gusto ko ring ma.try someday. Dapat po bang hubod hubad? Hihi. Pasensiya di ko po talaga alam. <3

  35. Rare find na yung ganyang husband na supportive and spoils his wife once in a while.
    Sana naman eh dumami naman un mga ganyang guys para makakakilala ako ng bagong pag-ibig. 🙂

    God bless you both.

  36. Hi LovinglyMama!! Can you give me some info’s regarding SPA NATURAL.. Hope I have time to get my back massage too.. Whoa dreaming!! Super ka stress this week!!

  37. He sure is an heaven sent husband for you Sis. A sweet and caring one who knows the totality of you. I so adore you both.

  38. OKAY. ang sweet lang ni HUBBY 😀 pero in fairness not all men are like that, you are so lucky you found him, buti nalang talaga you found him 😀 kung hindi, walang maghahatid sayo sa spa 😀 hahaha

  39. More Blessing to you and your husband! You have an awesome and respectful partner!!

  40. when it comes to the fashion mas ok ang hubby ko ang mag de-decide kasi may fashionable sya kesa sakin..

  41. Continue to take care and look after each other. Your man is sure a man who knows his woman coz not all guys know know the inside out of how their woman feels. 🙂

  42. you and i are both lucky for having a sweet husband. can do anything for us for our needs, and wants. thats why a simple thank you and kiss for them make them feel enough to say we love him.

  43. you are an epic couple that has been tested through the years and the years to come. thanks for showing your readers the beauty and essence of marriage.

  44. How I really wish I had the same partner as with you Lovingly Mama 🙂
    I could not say I am not Lucky for my Husband, ofcourse no!!
    But your partner was really sweet and Respectful!!

  45. If we will make a decision, lets all think eagerly for the benefits of the good and for the benefits of all. Think twice and live with your conscience. <3

  46. Once a vow has been made in front of God’s eyes, a man and a woman becomes one. Your man is a sensitive one, one-of-a-kind. Saan kaya makikita yung mga tipong ganyan.

  47. So sweet.. actually, ganyan din si hubby after I gave birth. siya naghahanap kung saan ako pwedeng magpa-massage. then he asked me kung ano pa mga need ko, ibibigay niya agad. we’re so lucky to have a man like them! God Bless. 😉

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