Mark Life’s Special Moments with foodpanda

When it comes to life’s special moments, minutes or even seconds matter. So, don’t miss the moment with people that matter the most with all the food that you love from foodpanda. As the country’s leading on-demand food delivery service, you can have your favorite food delivered to your doorstep. And it only takes a tap of your fingertips.

Special Moments Need Food to Celebrate

Every one is busy nowadays. You could be a company executive or a stay at home mom. No matter where you are, you are working on something or need to accomplish a task.

Don’t sacrifice those small minutes and choose to order food via foodpanda! Since easy and efficient are what they work for, make foodpanda your ticket to the restaurant that you crave wherever you are.

And the best part? It delivers 24/7 in Cebu and Davao while it;s until 3 AM in Manila. So there’s no reason to miss out on a whole range of feelings and experiences!

More Options, More Promos

One more piece of good news. foodpanda’s Bacolod restaurant options are based on cuisines and promos that you look for.

Each month, the deals just get bigger and better from both start-ups and chain restaurants. Some offer free delivery as well as 50 percent discount!

The foodpanda app is easy to use both on mobile and desktop. It also allows to search filters according to offers. You can vary your search based on online payment, free delivery, or those accepting vouchers.

Meanwhile, you can easily choose cuisines like Filipino, Korean, American, or Japanese. Or you may narrow down your search based on attributes like gluten-free, desserts, or coffee. Additionally, users get to pick other important requirements from spice or sugar level, size, and food allergies.

Never miss the beat of the day and experience 100 percent wow moment. Bring more joy and presence in whatever the day brings because, with foodpanda, it doesn’t get more convenient, faster, and more memorable. Make your special moments matter.

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