MINISO of Japan is Shopping for the Whole Family

is a store for the whole family.

MINISO Bacolod
Our eldest daughter Dindin had a new tea set–a gift from her Tita Doc Maritel.

If it is made in Japan it must be good. My father runs a car accessories store that also serves here and there electronic novelty items. When I was still a child, when we were not in school, we would sometimes be asked to help tend in the store.

One of the things that I have observed during these times is what customers inquire about in the items that Papa was selling them. One of the questions often asked was, “Made in Japan ni? May Japan made ka da? (Is this made in Japan? Do you have something like this that is Japan made?)” I can also recall that when we kids would brag with our classmates and neighborhood playmates about our toys and things, “Made in Japan ni ya!! Bakod ni ya!! (This is made in Japan! This is sure to be durable!)” Japan made products were always equated with durability and quality ever since. But they were also the pricey ones. Yet my father’s customers were actually willing to pay extra bucks for them. Today, being married, I also came to know that my in-laws still believe in the durability of Japan-made products when buying home appliances. And most people today also get easily convinced to buy appliances with Japanese sounding names and goods that boast of “Japan Technology”, regardless where it is really made.

Miniso SM Bacolod
Hand warmers.
Miniso SM Bacolod
Novelty items overload–we got a couple of cute notepads for the kids to draw on when we go out.

But Japan made is not just about quality and durability. It is about ingenuity, inventiveness, creativity, and innovation. After looking around MINISO, my wife exclaimed, “I saw items I thought I do not need, but now I believe I need!” Yes, indeed there are a lot of stuff there that you thought you do not need but actually make life easier. Well, that could also mean making life more relaxed. For example, they have organizers for almost everything. They even have scarf organizers and toothbrush organizers.

However here at Miniso, quality, durability, and innovation does not mean being pricey. Everything is very affordable. You can buy items as low as P49 here.

Miniso SM Bacolod
Some of their many beauty products.
Miniso SM Bacolod
Plush toys. Great collectibles and gift items.

MINISO SM BACOLOD is a shopping destination for the whole family.

Miniso SM Bacolod
Beauty tools
Miniso SM Bacolod
My wife bought this sewing kit for only P99. She was so happy with this find!

Yes, Miniso is for the whole family. Men and boys would enjoy the gadgets and technology section as well as some lifestyle items like for swimming and the summer. Homemakers would love the housewares and the items that would allow you to organize the abode. Kids would love the toys and knickknacks while the young ladies have a lot of stuff that would satisfy their longing for cute things. And oh, they have natural bath and beauty products, too.

Miniso Bacolod
Bags for the young and mature.
Miniso Bacolod
At the toys and plushies section. These friendly staff are ready to serve.

Our whole family enjoyed our time there yesterday and that was the first of our many future visits there.

Miniso Bacolod
Japanese made perfumes with testers.

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