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Money Management for the family

To bring the family budget back on track, the cooperation of the entire family is needed. Everyone needs to know and implement some money management plan.

money management - Be a Sun life advisor - family cooperation
For effective family money management, the cooperation of all the members is integral.

There are times in our lives when we experience a financial slump. The father and mother work hard, sometimes extending over time, just to earn some extra buck. But the kids have no idea what their parents are going through. Or it’s the husband who feels burdened, while the wife and the rest of the family continue to enjoy luxuries.

Cooperation in the Family

A family is a cooperation. Everyone has a role to fill in as well as responsibilities to fulfill. Of course, children’s roles are not as difficult as parents. But they need to understand the situation of the family.

In our family, we have young daughters, ages 9 and 4. In terms that they can understand, we tell them our financial situation. We are not exactly wealthy. But they are children of hard working parents. They may not have a lot of luxuries, but we live quite comfortably.

We allow for toys and travel, but they know that after that, we also need to save again in order to reach whatever we want to achieve.

Working Together for Money Management

Recently, I have seen people on my FB feed complaining about the inflation. Everything is just so expensive these days that budgets were really affected.

While we cannot really do much about what’s going on in our society, we can control the happenings in our family. Honestly, we may have to sacrifice some things in order to make both ends meet. We may have to give up some luxuries and the kids need to understand that. Usually, some of the things that are given up at times like these would be cable connection, taxi rides, and even movie dates. This will give way to children’s requirements in school, food, and utilities, as these are priorities.

Additional Sources of Income

If you don’t want to sacrifice your lifestyle, then the best thing to do is to find extra income.

Thankfully, there are so many things that we can do and so many opportunities available. Our children, depending on their age, can help, too. They can sell old stuff or create new things to sell.

Meanwhile, parents can make extra bucks online or they can also sell stuff. They can do this off work, so as not to disrupt their regular source of income.

Become a Sun Life Advisor

Another option is to become a Sun Life Advisor. As a financial consultant, you get to earn extra income while keeping your time flexible. You can do this while on your days off.

But it also has the potential of creating a bigger income for you, thus, you might eventually have to leave your job in order to focus on being a consultant.

Learn More About Money Management

As a Sun Life financial advisor, you get trained. So aside from earning, you also learn how to effectively manage your finances and put your money where it will grow. Money management is essential to have a good life now and have a bright future for your family.

money management - family cooperation - Be a Sun Life advisor
Build a satisfying career as a financial consultant. Be a Sun Life advisor and increase your family budget many times over.

Additionally, you get to enjoy rewards as well, things that you only used to dream of. Some of these things would be some premium gadgets, travels abroad, or a new car. It’s really a win-win situation for you.

How to Become a Sun Life Financial Advisor

Becoming a Sun Life Advisor is pretty easy. But you also need to be able to pass the matching process. Let’s face it, not everyone is cut out to be in this field. But if you like money management, you might find success here. Just give it a shot.

  1. Find and join a #LiveBrighter forum nearest you. This will help you better understand the concept of being a Sun Life advisor. You also get to listen to testimonies of both new yet successful advisors.
  2. If it sounds exciting, take the next step. Complete the POP (Personality Orientation Profile) Screen Test. It will enable you to determine if this career path is for you.
  3. Take the Sun Life Training Course. Learn about the concepts and theories of insurance, ethical industry standards, and product knowledge so that you know what to say to your potential clients.
  4. Pass the Licensing Exam. This is required and administered by the Insurance Commission. But don’t worry, Sun Life will assist you in the review and in getting the license. You cannot sell insurance without a license.

Visit the Sun Life website for more information:

In Conclusion

Times are hard. But with some family cooperation, money management in the family will be a breeze. We can survive and pull this through.

money management - Be a Sun Life Advisor - family cooperation
My wife and I work together to have a good life today and have a secure future.

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