Movie Date: Bad Teacher (2011)

Bad Teacher stars Cameron Diaz, Justin Timberlake, and Jason Segel. Photo from the internet.

Last week, our late night movie date was Bad Teacher. I asked hubby to download it because I thought it was a romantic comedy film with a lighthearted theme.

But at the name suggests, Cameron Diaz really portrayed the role of a “bad teacher” to a T. She reported to work late, drunk, and just let her students watch movies all the time. She takes drugs in the classroom and was very manipulative. She did so many things that society would consider unacceptable behavior for a teacher and you would really wonder why in the first place she became a teacher. The problem was, she seldom got caught by school authorities.

The twist came when she got obsessed at having breast enhancement surgery. This is not a spoiler because it’s in the trailer. Things turned around for her and pretty much everyone else. Anyway, just watch the movie if you are curious.

As for hubby and me, we just couldn’t help but wonder if teachers like that do exist. I mean we are aware that there are terrorist teachers, lazy teachers, but bad teachers such as these? We shudder to think of the implications on students. And Cameron wasn’t the only one. It seems that all the teachers in the school have some kind of weird habits or neurosis. LOL It can be funny in the movies but not in real life though.

Eventually, I got bored watching because honestly, Cameron was really good. She just looked old though. I guess the movie would also like to show how substance abuse can take its toll on a person’s appearance.

I can’t say that I was entertained with the movie. I don’t like the storyline, which was the reason why I got disinterested. That’s just me. But if you are not emotional like me, you might like it, because the stars did their work well.

Starring Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake
Also starring Jason Segel, Lucy Punch, Phyllis Smith
Directed by Jake Casdan

Bad Teacher trailer:

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