Movie Date: Just Go With It

Just Go With It stars Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston. Hilarious! Nice plot. Very interesting to the end. Photo from the internet.

Marriage can become mundane without the little things that make it exciting. For my husband and I, we just have to find creative ways where we can spend some time together and get a good laugh.

We are both busy with work and deadlines and having Dindin and Siobe without a babysitter, it is difficult to have a date. So what we do is to put the kids to sleep, which is already around 11:30pm or midnight, then we would watch a funny movie or a hilarious episode of the TV series, The Big Bang Theory.

One, my husband and I watched the movie, Just Go With It. It stars funny man Adam Sandler, the still very lovely Jennifer Aniston, newbie Brooklyn Decker, and some small appearances by Nicole Kidman. It is directed by Dennis Dugan.

It was hilarious!

Newcomer Brooklyn Decker in a memorable yellow bikini while bathing in the blue waters of Hawaii. Photo from the internet.

Sandler essays the role of a cosmetic surgeon who has lived a life of lying just so he could get laid. He almost walked down the aisle with a woman who was only marrying him for his career. Since then, he used his sad story to get the sympathy of women and to find a one-night stand.

Then one day, he found a girl that he really liked (played by Brooklyn Decker). She is younger but seemed like for keeps. He didn’t want to lose her and so to cover up his story, he asked his assistant played by Aniston to pose as his ex-wife.

The scenario became really complicated especially during their vacation to Hawaii. My husband and I laughed a great part throughout the entire movie. No more spoilers. At least you know the gist of the story.

Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler while in Hawaii during a luau. Photo from the internet.

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