My Baby and Heraclene

My baby underwent feeding changes since she was born. At first, I breastfed her and in part, I fed her with infant formula. Eventually, my breastmilk waned and so I accepted the offer of two other moms who had extra breastmilk. But when she started to recognize the differences in tastes, my baby became fussy and selective. Her appetite remained the same although she grew in age.

When my family noticed that my baby was not getting heavier (just growing taller), I went to the doctor and was given Heraclene 1 mg as sample. The doctor prescribed that I give my baby 1 capsule a day for 30 days.

I am glad that Heraclene is odorless and tasteless (but not colorless as the milk turned a nice shade of pink with it), so I just mixed it in her milk and she just drank it. After about 20 days, her milk intake increased. After a month, she gained 700 grams. So the product is effective.

But when she stopped taking it, her milk intake dropped by about 5 oz. But at least, the figure doubled than when she first took Heraclene.

The product is pretty expensive though as the price of Heraclene 1 mg is P14.70 each. So that is additional daily expense on top of the milk and other vitamins. Thankfully, it lasted only for a month.

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