No More Dates

My husband and I are trying to fix our finances. So one of the things that was sacrificed was our date nights. Sure we spent some time together watching videos on our laptop (we don’t even have budget for movie dates), but we have not gone out as a couple like to have a dinner date. His salary goes to our debts while my income pays our credit card bills.

There is not much extra for dates, like fancy dinners or even simple meals, movie dates, and other leisure activities that we can share. But we are not losing hope. We are working hard to earn and working double time to recoup what was lost and fix the things that can be fixed.

But you know what? One of the things that we would like to do together is to go to a spa, get in an infrared sauna together and then get a massage in a couple’s massage room. However, that would cost us about a thousand pesos and is already more than 2 kilos worth of Nido Jr. for our child. Much as we would like to splurge we could not afford it and thus we just content ourselves with the massage of our helper. hehe

But I am not complaining, just stating facts. Money has been really hard to come by and we have growing expenses because our child is also growing. And we also intend to have another child next year, God willing. So we are trying to save money for the second baby as well, a SON, as we are claiming from the Lord.

For now, it is pray and work hard for us. Please help us pray, too, for the good health of Dindin. She has been cleared of sickness for the months of August, September and October. This month, she experienced a dry cough because of eating too much apples that were just too sweet for her throat. But with a single dose of salbutamol on her nebulizer, she was good as new.

So far, this is our family update. 😀

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