No Smoking in the Family

I have allergic rhinitis and I hate cigarette smoke. Thankfully, no one in my immediately family smokes. Not cigarettes and not even famous cigars–mostly for health reasons and also for the fact that we know it will destroy the body–the temple of God’s Spirit.

That is because my father has asthma and therefore, even if he wanted it, he could not stand the smoke. And thankfully, I am married into a family where, although my husband has two brothers, no one smokes either. Thank goodness!

I can’t stand the smell of smoke, especially second hand smoke. Ack! The stench of stale smoke makes we want to throw up. I am not sure why but when I was younger, I kinda liked cigarette smoke and also tried my hand with a few sticks.

But now, it seems that I just cannot stomach it anymore. Maybe it is my body’s way of rejecting something that is not good for my health. Well, it is a good thing, because after all, smoking is not good for the body and I don’t need it either so everything is fine. I can live without it. And I am thankful because smoking is just so much expense, such for buying the cigarettes, for having my teeth cleaned at the dentist’s always, and doctor’s fees if I get health complications.

So thankful.

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