Off to Spa Natura

We’re off to Spa Natura in a while to avail of our Gift Certificates. Dennis and I were gifted with two Swedish Massage at Spa Natura and we are excited to take the time off. Dennis had been coughing for more than a month now and he will be taking a steam bath. That should help open his respiratory passages. I will just wait for him to finish so that we start our Swedish Massage at the same time. I think that Spa Natura has the best Swedish Massage Bacolod.

Thanks to the manager Miss Jen, she gave the GCs to us as her wedding anniversary gift, sweet no? And as a gift, she will also let us use the Lotus Room so that we could have privacy.

Ahh….I am so excited. It has been a long time since I had a massage in a spa and it is just different when you get it there.


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