Our 7th Wedding Anniversary

Photo taken at Palmas del Mar after our wedding ceremony at Bacolod Trinity Christian Church. This was during the time when having our wedding pictorial there did not entail us having to pay for the place. hehe

Today, hubby and I celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary. Just a few months more and our marriage would be longer than our dating period. hihi

In this post, I would like to say some words of thanks…to appreciate the factors of the equation that is this marriage.

First of all, we would like to thank God for always being there for us and with us. We may fail Him but that’s just the great thing about God–He never does. He is the only third party Who is very much welcome in this relationship because we only get all the benefits of His presence. 😀 Thank you Lord.

Second, I would like to thank my husband for ever being so faithful. Yes, he can get impatient with me, but that’s mainly because I can be so stubborn and prideful. But if I am only always just and fair, then we would not have a problem. hehe He is not my other half. Rather he is my better half. And I can only be thankful that God gave him to me.

Celebrating with our families. 😀

Third, I would like to thank our families. My parents and my in-laws who are there with us and for us. And we are very thankful today that we can celebrate our special day with them. At first, Dennis and I had been thinking of just going out on a date. But then we thought it would be nice if we can spend it with our loved ones and so we did. We can go out at another time. We planned to go out tonight but we were so satisfied with our lunch that we didn’t think we would appreciate a good diner out.

Hubby wanted seafood and something with beef. So these are what I prepared–seafood pasta with lots of shrimps and scallops, bulalo with barbecue sauce and mango mallows float for dessert.

At this point, we now have two kids. This year in our marriage had been especially trying because of the adjustments–Dindin went to school and then we had a new baby. We had many sleepless nights and expenses draining our pockets. But despite that, we are still going strong, thanks to God’s grace.

Ahhhh all in all, I can summarize this post as something that expresses thanks and praises to God. Thank you Lord. And Happy 7th Anniversary Babe! 😀

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