Our Camera Flash Got Busted

The flash of our digital camera got busted. And while we can still take videos and photos outdoors, our indoor shots are soooo dark that no matter how I edit the photos using Photoshop, they were so grainy and of bad quality.

I have a feeling that during the breastfeeding seminar that I attended last Thursday and Friday, someone accidentally dropped my baby bag on the floor, which contained the camera, while we were moving our chairs. The following day, we brought my camera to the Canon store at SM City Bacolod but I was told that they don’t accept repairs on Canon cameras that were not bought there. We had to have it shipped to their service center in Cebu.

Thankfully, my husband remembered about a store called Zeal Text at Plaza Mart. We went there and for P2000 they are pretty confident that they can fix it. We were told that it would be done in about 5 days. When Sunday came, I realized that it was my youngest daughter Shane’s 6th month that Tuesday so we called the store if they can rush the repair job and release it by Monday. But they said that they couldn’t. Too bad. 🙁

I was able to borrow my sister-in-law’s camera but I didn’t quite get the hang of it.

But I was so happy that when Tuesday noontime came, hubby got a text message that they were able to fix our cam and it was ready for pick up. Yahoo!!! Hubby went to pick it up and in the afternoon, we had a wonderful time doing Shane’s 6th month photography. Thank God that we were able to get the cam on time. We were rather harassed with all the activities yesterday as Dindin had a car wash activity as part of their lessons and then we had to go pick up the celebration cupcakes.

We are so blessed! Thank you Lord for seeing us through yesterday. And thank you very much for our two lovely daughters. 😀

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