Personal Touches

When I was working with a cable company in the past where I had stayed for six years, I would often get postcards from our suppliers-the cable channels. They send us postcards for occasions like Christmas, New Year, Chinese New Year, and others.

Although you know that these are impersonal, corporate postcards, still it gives a warm feeling when you get a postcard from the mail that has your name on it. And besides, I like the designs of their postcards and I used it to decorate my cork board as well as one side of my cubicle, which is made of cork as well. And I also tape the postcards there so that my walls become colorful.

What these companies do is something like Postcard Fusion, where you get so many postcards at a discounted rate and then you can mass mail them to all your contacts. Some of these may get lost in the mail or your contact is no longer in the address provided, but the cost is minimal and most people get them anyway.

I have not yet received a marketing postcard. This I gotta see.

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