Perwoll Brilliant White Laundry Detergent for Your White Clothes

Perwoll Brilliant White Liquid Detergent

I personally love white clothes. They go well with any color and any accessory. And most of all, your overall look is just classic and elegant. However, due to oxidized iron content that makes our water orange, our whites turn grayish or kinda yellowish even after just a few washes. And I hate it when that happens. So instead of fighting the losing battle, I give in–I avoid buying white clothes altogether.

However, I cannot do that with my daughter’s school uniform. After all, it’s standard issue. It is now February and after several months, her white tops have turned rather ashen.

Thankfully, I was introduced to Perwoll Brilliant White Laundry Detergent. It is an environmentally friendly liquid detergent with fiber rebonding technology that is made by Henkel in Germany.

In order to really know that the product works, I washed one of Dindin’s white blouses while I set aside the other as was my control item. I also included one of my younger daughter’s face towels that has turned rather brownish because of our rusty water.

Siobe’s face towel. The one on the left is new. The one on the right has been discolored. Perwoll Brilliant White added into the water. The blouse and face towel soaked in Perwoll. Photo taken under fluorescent lighting.

Honestly, after one washing, I did not notice any difference. Not until I took a picture of the two blouses side by side under natural light. The one washed with Perwoll became a bit brighter and I believe that it is because of Perwoll’s optical brighteners that renews white colors. I was told that with continued washing, the blouses will be restored to their white best.

Blouse on the right washed in Perwoll.

I so love Perwoll Brilliant White Laundry Detergent! Not only is it great for whites it is also gentle on the hands. I know because I hand washed the blouse and my hands easily get dry. And most of all, it smells really good!!! Gosh! I like laundry that smells good. That means I no longer need to buy a separate fabric conditioner. It is so easy to use, too. Just follow the instructions at the back of the bottle on how much detergent to use for the volume of laundry that you have. Easy peasy! Or you may also want to watch this video about how Perwoll works:

To learn more about this product, visit their website at Perwoll and follow them on Twitter and Facebook

25 thoughts on “Perwoll Brilliant White Laundry Detergent for Your White Clothes

  1. This is nice! I have sort of shifted to whites and some light-colored shirts over the years (after years of collecting black and dark blue ones). But daily wear and tear eventually changed white into yellowish. So this should be good.

  2. My mother gave me a white summer shirt. It looked really nice when she newly gave it to me. Now it looks a bit bluish. 🙁 Maybe I should try this out to see if Perwoll Brilliant White Laundry Detergent can bring it back to its original whiteness.

  3. Perwoll’s Brilliant White is my fave! It’s a detergent, bleach, and fabric softener all rolled into one, so saan kpa? I’m also using this on my daughter’s uniform. So far, I’m loving the results. Maputi na, mabango pa, perfect! 🙂

  4. i also love whites on my little man. the downside is, they are so difficult to wash, especially those socks! good thing mums like us can rely on Perwoll to get the job done. I have tried it on some of my little man’s sando + i really like that it was whiter just after one wash.

  5. Wow..this is such an amazing find for doing my laundry.specially for my kids white polo uniform that turns into yellowish na because of our water supply here is deep well. This is gonna be on my supermarket list now!

  6. this is a good product, especially on my kids clothes,i would look for this product at the market and give it a try

  7. This is new to me it seems the product is so effective and would like to try it i am so meticulous when it comes to washing our clothes especially the white ones.

  8. basing on the photos above, i must say, it’s effective. but may we know how much this would cost us? just hoping it’s not expensive..

  9. Thank you for your blog! We are very happy with your review of our product. Rest assured that if you or any of your readers have questions, can easily do so on or you may email us at

    Perwoll Renews and Protects garments.

  10. i am now soaking my little man’s socks on a tub of perwoll. hopefully i get a very positive result! 🙂

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