Pizza Day on our 6th Wedding Anniversary

Our little family on our 6th Anniversary. 😀

Hubby and I thought of splurging on a giant pizza from Greenoz Pizzaria here in Bacolod on the actual day of our wedding anniversary. We wanted the biggest one at 36″, but it was only available at another pizza store that was farther away from. So we settled for the 30″ sausage pizza at Greenoz.

Geez, it turned out that we couldn’t finish it in one sitting. The entire pizza fed 8 of us in the family, 4 helpers, Dindin, and we still have some leftovers for the next day! mwahahaha And we thought we could finish the entire thing–just Dennis and me.

Well at least we tried. Hubby and I were soooo stuffed that we did not go anywhere that night for a date anymore. We just stayed home and prayed before we went to bed.

Happy Anniversary Papa! Here’s to more years for us. 😀 Love you!

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