Refusing to Get on a Horse

This is one of our side adventures during our family vacation last month in Bukidnon. We saw a little girl riding a horse in the park called Dahilayan, in the cold regions of Bukidnon. And when the father of the little girl met Dindin, he got so amused with my little girl that he offered the horse so that Dindin could ride on it and have her picture taken.

But Dindin didn’t want to get on the horse. I am not sure why she passed up the opportunity to ride one but I could think of several reasons. It could be that the horse was smelly, she was scared, or she wasn’t wearing proper riding gear. LOL You know, she can be OC. Well, whatever her reason was, she was just content with standing beside the horse for this photo op. LOL Nice one, though.

It was supposed to be a rare moment because we don’t see horses everyday where we live. Oh well, maybe when she is older and when we can visit maybe Baguio City, then I hope she will finally ride a horse. Or at least just get on one. haha

The little horse in Dahilayan, Bukidnon. Dindin chose to just pose beside it.

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