Samsung Soundbar Festival Nationwide Promo

Last chance to raise the bar
of home entertainment 
Soundbar Festival Nationwide Promo

Imagine going home where your family is all set for a marathon of your favorite movies. I think I’ll ready a playlist with Top Gun on top of it (just feeling nostalgic). I will also imagine popping two bags of popcorn on the microwave so that we can start the binge-watching night sooner as the (whatever food is still on its way). I have asked my youngest to ready the pillows we will cuddle during those heart-stopping scenes or those scenes she is scared to watch. Sounds like an exciting night ahead eh? However, a sub-standard entertainment system can ruin what I just set up to look forward to.

It was my uncle who taught me to appreciate surround sound. I actually forgot what movie, but I think an Iron Eagle sequel was coming out of the theatres when he piqued my curiosity regarding this. This is the same uncle who went with us to our family travels back then. He told me that I should watch that movie in a movie house instead of just at home. Back then, Blu-rays and DVD versions of action packed movies were not invented yet. Heck, even Laser Discs was not in the market yet, I think. He tried to convince me that the sound effects will be more awesome. You will feel like turning your head when a fighter jet passes by since the sound might come from behind you because of the technology of surround sound. Then later on, clear copies of the Top Gun movie became available on Betamax Tapes format. My father bought a copy and just in time to set up a home entertainment system at their bedroom. I could not count how many times my brothers and I watched the movie, imagining F-14s doing fly-bys in my parents’ bedroom. Back then, our family only had a stereo set up.

At the advent of Laser Discs, 5.1 sound theatre set up was also becoming popular but more of a luxury and enjoyed only by those who can afford it. Although it is still a luxury today, affordable home theatre system are also available while the quality of sound are compromised when you buy the cheaper brands.

But why compromise quality home theatre sound when Samsung is having a Soundbar Festival Nationwide Promo?

Samsung Soundbar
Get up to 40% off the Samsung Soundbar. Offer until September 17, 2017.

Soundbar Festival Nationwide Promo

Get the ultimate home entertainment package by taking home your very own Samsung Soundbar! Samsung is running this Nationwide Promo until September 17, 2017 only. Avail of discounts of as much as 40% on its premium-grade soundbars to in order bring cinema perfection closer to your home. You have a few days left to match what you see on screen with superb audio quality while saving big time.

And that’s not all. While you get huge markdowns, getting Samsung’s Soundbar with Dolby ATMOS (HW-K950) you also get free items such as the Wireless Audio 360 speaker and a Blu-Ray player. Meanwhile, if you purchase select soundbar models HW-MS751, HW-MS650, HW-M4501, and HW-M550, you may bring home free wireless rear speakers to enhance your set up.

Samsung has enjoyed the number 1 spot in global sales year on year. Samsung Soundbars promise to continue to raise the bar of your home entertainment, as you watch your favorite films, stream music, or play a video game. Its multiple built-in speakers, each with dedicated amplifiers, are crafted to make stunningly realistic multi-dimensional audio achieving theatre quality right in the comfort of your own home.

Engineered to deliver the right level of bass, whatever you hear through the soundbar is exactly how the artists and filmmakers intended it to be. And here is something really awesome: the Samsung soundbars are furnished with wireless connectivity so that you can easily connect them to your TV and smartphone conveniently via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your chance to experience sound like never before! Get to know more on how to raise the bar of your home entertainment system by checking out the lineup of high-quality Samsung soundbars when you visit the Samsung Facebook page or



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