Saying Yes to a Diamond Engagement Ring

My cousin’s diamond engagment ring.

Two of my second cousins are getting married soon. One has a schedule already and it is going to be in August of this year. The other one just got engaged and just look at the pretty diamond engagement ring on her finger! It’s a stunner, right? It must be a 1 carat diamond ring!

Well, my congratulations and best wishes to Baby Chris and Baby Gail! Teehee These two cousins of mine have never even met because one has lived in the United States most of her life! But this is a wonderful coincidence. I just dunno yet when Chris is getting married. I just know she is engaged.

Anyway, it is just so nice to have a diamond engagement ring. I have. It’s not a designer ring and it’s not even half a carat, but it was given to me by my husband so I am proudly wearing it. 😀 Too bad though that it is getting a little too tight already so I am wearing it on my right hand ring finger now, instead of together with my wedding ring. LOL

There is just something about a ring when a guy proposes that makes a woman light up, say yes, and cry–in no particular order. It is an emotional experience, sometimes it is because you have been waiting for it a long time, you have been dreaming about it, you’re expecting it, not expecting it, or just feel special. Whatever the reason, it is a highly charged emotional moment.

I did not get my diamond ring till it was almost two months after the engagement. But that is fine. I am just happy to be engaged and to be married. 😀

2 thoughts on “Saying Yes to a Diamond Engagement Ring

  1. they say that diamond is women’s best friend ,if someone would give me a diamond ring as an engagement gift, i would immediately say yes but unfortunately i can’t do that now, LOL.

    thanks for the visit and for the comment.

  2. I’ve got a teeny ring, and I love it! Even though it’s small, it’s sparkly and jewelers have complimented its beauty. I couldn’t love anything more! 🙂

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