Seal and Heidi Klum are Getting a Divorce?

This is really sad news and I dismissed it thinking that it is not true. But two celeb websites already reported this: Heidi Klum is set to file for divorce from Seal, her husband of almost 7 years.

I am saddened by this news because of many reasons. For one, they have four children (3 of whom are their biological ones). Second, they have been through tough times together. Three, they look so in love. They even renew their marital vows every year.

And wait. It was reported that they had a family holiday in Aspen, Colorado and Klum even tweeted a photo of them last December. In less than a month, she is filing for divorce? What happened in between that led to the decision?

Honestly, I am still hoping that this piece of news isn’t true. Klum is yet to file next week in California, so she just might back out, you know, over the weekend? Oh please…don’t…not another divorce.

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