Sharing the iPad

We bought an iPad2 about 2 months ago. The purpose for this purchase is really for Dindin’s educational apps and also for hubby’s recreation. Along with it, we also bought a protective cover with a stand that can make the gadget stand on its own–whether horizontally or vertically.

The cover was only P500 but it is worth it. Up until now it is good. We did not buy an standandmounts ipad mount anymore. We just don’t think that we still need it.

Anyway, I am just kinda amused at the fact that Dindin really emphasizes that it is “OUR” iPad. It is not just “her” iPad…it is OURS. I think it is cute that she looks at the iPad that way. There is really no priority on who uses it. Dindin’s use is limited anyway so when her Papa is around to use it, it is no longer her turn. There are no arguments about it. Because she is still young, we do not let Dindin use the iPad for a long time anyway. We try to limit her use to only about 2 hours per day, as she also has her videos to watch.

Oh well, I am not really using it. Actually, I dunno how to use it. hahaha Talk about being crude. Anyway, I am just happy that both hubby and Dindin have something to share like that. They really don’t need another person sharing the use with them. haha Between the two of them, I think there is no longer room for me anyway. So I am fine with the arrangement. And we really don’t have plans of adding another one. If ever we are going to have another child, they will have to share. But that will be a long time from now.

How about you? How many tablet do you have at home?

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