Something Borrowed (2011)

Kate Hudson and Colin Egglesfield for Something Borrowed (2011). Photo from the internet.

As usual, the home movie dates that hubby and I have at home are feel-good movies. (Home movie dates are those times that we set aside to watch a movie inside our bedroom when the kids are asleep as we hardly have time to go out and catch a movie in the theater). This romantic comedy film was released in 2011 and stars Ginnifer Goodwin, Kate Hudson, Colin Egglesfield, and John Krasinski. It was distributed by Warner Bros.

Goodwin plays the role of Rachel White–a down to earth and humble lawyer who is best friends with Darcy (Kate Hudson)–a feisty lady who always gets what she wants. And this includes Rachel’s long-time crush, Dex (Egglesfield).

Ginnifer Goodwin and Colin Egglesfield as Rachel and Dex in Somethng Borrowed. Photo from the internet.

You may think that it is the usual story where in the end the nice girl gets the boy, but just watch it because the scenes in-between are interesting. I am not really sure if I felt good afterwards so I will not consider it a feel-good movie other than it is a romantic comedy film. Okay, I think I am revealing more than I should. haha But I was entertained and I love Kate Hudson here. She is just a natural for these roles. She is so endearing and charming and her facial expressions are epic. She easily essays the characters that you love to hate in movies. Needless to say, Kate Hudson is one of my favorite Hollywood actresses.

Something Borrowed was directed by Luke Greenfield.

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